Founded – February 15th, 1922

The Hayward Rod and Gun Club was one the first sportsman clubs in the area.

The following names are charter members that originally formed the organization:

HR&GC Charter MembersF.J. Schwager, President

A.H. Hickerson, Vice Pres.
R.H. Beaudette,Secretary
John Berger, Treasurer

William Alexander, Edward Bayo, W.A. Collett, Barney Devine, C.K. Dittmer, Edward Forsyth, Gus Flannum, William Giblin, R.G. Goetzl, Anton Grey, A.M. Hanson, Edward Hanson, C.M. Hunnicutt, John S. Johnson, C.A. Larsen, Alex LeTourneau, Robert McCarthy, L.G McLaughlin, Clarence Odegard, Peter S. Olson, Robert C. Pugh, A.F. Quail, Arthur R. Schmidt, Christ Uhrenholdt, G.M. Wells, Lewis C. Williams, Clarence E. Wise, W.N. Wismer


Click here to read the Hayward Rod & Gun Club’s By-Laws last revision from 2017.


Non-Profit Organization

Hayward Rod & Gun Club is a 501 c3 non-profit organization.



Please read the Range Rules to learn what is expected of our members and their guests when using the facilities at Hayward Rod & Gun Club.


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