Hayward Rod & Gun Club Newsletter – April 2015

April 2015 - HRGC Newsletter

April 2015 – HRGC Newsletter

Volume XXV
April, 2015

Calendar of Events:
April 11 Sat. 9 a.m. Hayward Hunter Education class on range
April 14 Tues. 6 p.m. Trap shooting
April 15 Wed. 7 p.m. Gen. Meeting
April 21 Tue. 6 p.m. Trap.
April 22 Wed. 5:30 .22 league
April 28 Tues. 6 p.m. Trap
April 29 Wed. 5:30 .22 league
May 5 Tues. 6 p.m. Trap
May 6 Wed. 5:30 .22 league
May12 Tues. 6 p.m. Trap
May 13 Wed. 5:30 .22 league
May 16 Sat. 8 a.m. LCO on range
May 19 Tues. 6 p.m. Trap
May 20 Wed. 5:30 .22 league
May 20 Wed. 7 p.m. Gen. Meeting
May 26 Tues. 6 p.m. Trap
May 27 Wed. 5:30 .22 league
June 2 Tues. 6 p.m. Trap
June 3 Wed. 5:30 .22 league
June 9 Tue. 6 p.m. Trap
June 10 Wed. 5:30 .22 league
June 16 Tues. 6 p.m. Trap
June 17 Wed. 5:30 .22 league
June 17 Wed. 7 p.m. Gen. Meeting
June 23 Tues. 6 p.m. Trap
June 24 Wed. 5:30 .22 league
June 30 Tues. 6 p.m. Trap

Our winter pellet league wrapped up on March 17th with the handicap match. Winners were Al Butterbaugh, who had the high scratch score of 2440 points out of a possible 3000, followed closely by Rick Richter with a score of 2417. Most improved shooter award went to Dennis Hedin, who improved his average by 43 points over the ten weeks. And Winner of the Handicap match was Carolyn Butterbaugh, who shot 20 points over her normal average. Congratulations to all our shooters and we hope to see you again next December.

The spring .22 league will begin with a sight in night on April 22nd at 5:30, to be followed by ten weeks of shooting for score. Any .22 rifle can be used and they shoot at steel buffalo silhouettes. Come out on Wednesday nights for some fun shooting and camaraderie.

Weather permitting, we will begin trap shooting at 6 p.m. on April 14th. We are open to the public on Tuesday nights and usually have a good group of shooters, both members and non-members. In addition, our club will be hosting high school trap teams which are being formed from local schools sponsored by SCOPE and the DNR. Plans have not been completed yet, so no further information is available at this time.

A class of the hayward Hunter Education program will be using the rifle range on Saturday, April 11th from 9 a.m. to noon and also members of the LCO Hunter Education class will be using both our rifle and trap ranges on May 16th, Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please note this on your calendars so we don’t have any conflicts over use of the range. The ranges will be open to our members after 1 p.m.

Don’t forget to attend the club swap meet on May 23rd from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Reserve a table for $20 and get rid of the stuff you don’t use any more but don’t want to throw away. All proceeds go to our scholarship fund. Contact Sheila at 715-865-2506 to reserve a table.

Since our October meeting, we have accepted applications for membership from Max Thompson and Blaise Guzzo, both of Hayward. Welcome.

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